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NEW YORK, USA Invested 76 M

The most engaged technology venture capital firm in New York City. Current portfolio: 50+ Startups.

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Seattle, USA Invested 235 K

We are a group of 140+ active angel investors. Each year, we invest $10M+ into 20+ startups and provide mentorship.

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Shanghai, China Invested 45 K

We're a group of 60+ active Angel investors who invest and provide mentorship for startups.

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New Delhi, India Invested 26 K

Aim is long-term capital appreciation, which it seeks to achieve by investing in the equity securities of Indian Companies.

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Ohio, USA Invested 434 K

VentureOhio’s efforts to increase access to capital, foster collaboration and tell Ohio’s story activates the acceleration.

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Toronto, Canada Invested 56 K

We offer an accelerator program that gives corporate and tech leaders the knowledge & access to investors.

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Toronto, Canada Funded 33 K

Be a part of Echo Park by investing in something that actually puts the community first. Learn more. Sign up today.

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Los Angeles, USA Funded 29 M

Search Over 250,000 Properties For Sale and Lease. Find Your Next Investment or Space Today! New Listings Added Daily.

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Sydney, Australia Funded 4 M

Get the lowest wholesale prices direct from 1000s of brands instantly, w/ no hidden fees! Effortless Freight.

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San Francisco, USA Funded 1 M

Kraftful provides a delightful user experience for smart home devices. We work with Fortune 500 companies on their strategy.

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London, England Funded 2.5 M

24/7 Luggage Storage With Hotels & Secure Local Shops. Fully Insured, 0 Claims To Date. Don't Carry Your Bags Around.

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Brussels, Belgium Funded 15 M

Modernize Your Reception Area with an Automated Visitor Management System. Kiosk App. 15 Day Free Trial.

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